Working Commission on Law and Dispute Resolution

Join us in Finland in June 2016!

Construction Law Stream - CIB World Congress 2016
Tampere, Finland, 30th May - 3rd June 2016

We are a worldwide community of legal scholars working in the fields of property, construction and the built environment. Our focus is on the application of law in these contexts and our membership includes those with expertise in property, construction, housing, planning and environmental law as well as the many other areas of law which impact on the wider built environment.

Our activities embrace all forms of legal scholarship including theoretical, doctrinal, empirical and comparative law research. Our international membership provides us with a unique opportunity to undertake collaborative comparative law studies across multiple jurisdictions and we welcome enquiries from legal scholars worldwide who would be interested in working with us on future projects.

We are one of over 50 working commissions and task groups of the International Council for Research & Innovation in Building and Construction (usually known simply as 'CIB'). Within CIB we are known by our working commission number - W113.

W113 is led by Paul Chynoweth of the University of Salford, UK.